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Natural Products Expo West 2023 Recap: Challenges, Opportunities, and Must-See

Expo West is the leading exhibition for the natural, organic, and healthy products market. Retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and industry experts from all over the world congregate to the exhibition each year to exhibit new goods, exchange expertise, and forge connections. One of the biggest natural and organic food trade events in the country is called Expo West. Tens of thousands of people, including retailers, manufacturers, and other business professionals, typically attend the event. According to the event's official website, the show had more than 4,000+ exhibiting firms and attracted more than 100,000 visitors from 136+ countries. In addition to presenting a variety of educational sessions, keynote addresses, and networking opportunities for experts in the sector, the event is renowned for showcasing cutting-edge natural and organic food items

Expo West offers shops a crucial chance to keep on top of trends, discover new goods, and establish relationships with suppliers. It can be difficult for merchants to decide which items to stock and which to pass on because there are so many new trends and products entering the natural and organic food market. This is where data analytics tools like retailMetrix may help, giving retailers knowledge of which products are selling well and what kinds of things customers want.

The COVID-19 pandemic's continued effects are one of the biggest problems the natural and organic food sector is currently facing. The epidemic has altered customer behavior, disturbed supply networks, and presented new difficulties for manufacturers and merchants. Expo West 2023 is a special chance for business.


Industry leaders have a special chance to debate these issues, exchange methods for adjusting to the new normal, and look into potential new growth prospects at Expo West 2023.

All things considered, Expo West 2023 looks to be a crucial occasion for anyone working in the natural and organic food sector. Retailers, producers, and distributors must stay educated, adjust swiftly, and keep innovating in the face of the industry's current volatility and change. “I've been attending Expo West for more than ten years, and throughout that time I've witnessed a huge change in the natural and organic food sector. The trade fair provides purchasers with essential information that helps them keep current with market trends and find fresh health food products for their stores. Nonetheless, one must always learn and develop in order to stay competitive in the supermarket industry nowadays. Even while Expo West is a fantastic resource, in my opinion, NGA is the place to go for supermarket solutions, software, and equipment. “- George Goodwin.


The Expo West exhibition in 2023 will feature a plethora of information from RetailMetrix, the data analytics tool that aids supermarkets in identifying their best-moving products and top products. The natural and organic food sector has experienced significant disruption and change as a result of the pandemic.

Several panels, talks, and presentations during the expo offer insightful analysis and in-depth discussions on the many ways the sector has been impacted by the recent violent storms. 

It is worthwhile to attend certain of the conversations since they are more urgent than others. The top five conversations that RetailMetrix suggests going to are:

Natural & Organic State Keynote Speech: This comprehensive yet focused discussion will produce insight after insight, providing analysis of how things have changed and advice on how to adjust to such a great deal of turmoil.

Current Supplement Conditions: The natural and organic food sector was greatly disturbed by the pandemic, making this year's panel debate much more urgent than normal. A diverse spectrum of business experts will provide their perspectives on a variety of topics, including diversity, supply chain, and mergers and acquisitions.

In this excellent panel discussion, participants from companies, SPINS, and the New Hope Network discuss how plant-based eating is driving the transformation of the food system.

Transformation: This superb session features panelists from brands, SPINS, and New Hope Network who are well-equipped to dive deep into the new world of plant-based eating.

Building Resilience: Strategically Adapting to a Changing Supply & Logistics Ecosystem: In this focused discussion on supply chain issues, seasoned supply chain experts offer deep insights and wise counsel.

Pitch Slam Finals: The winning brand's rewards include a free booth at Expo West 2023.

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