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Pet Trends in Retail: Insights from SUPERZOO 2023

In the wake of SUPERZOO 2023, the pet industry's largest event, we've witnessed a vibrant return to normalcy in the pet sector. With nearly 18,000 pet professionals from 84 countries and 50 states, this year's event marked a 10% increase over the previous year, signaling a resurgence of interest in all things pet-related. Want to go to this email for free?! 

Pet Boom: More Pets than Kids One standout statistic that caught our attention is the fact that there are now more pets in American households than children. This shift reflects the evolving role of pets, as they become integral members of families across the nation. This trend is not limited to the pet industry; it's a shift in consumer behavior that retailers in all sectors should take note of. Understanding the significance of pets in consumers' lives can lead to tailored marketing and product strategies.

Functionality and Sustainability Take Center Stage At SUPERZOO, we observed that pet food and treat brands are doubling down on functionality and sustainability. The pet industry's focus on providing functional benefits beyond basic nutrition has far-reaching implications. Regardless of the product format—dry or wet food, supplements, or treats—processors are delivering additional functionality to meet the evolving needs of pet parents. Retailers across the board can learn from this trend by exploring how their products can serve multiple purposes and meet the growing demand for functional items.

Sustainability: A Shared Commitment Sustainability is no longer an optional goal for businesses—it's a shared commitment. From ingredients to packaging, exhibitors at SUPERZOO showcased their dedication to sustainable practices. For retailers, this underscores the importance of embracing sustainable alternatives, not only in product development but also in packaging and supply chain practices. Consumers increasingly gravitate toward eco-conscious brands, making sustainability a powerful driver of brand loyalty.

Innovation Through Collaboration SUPERZOO also highlighted the power of collaboration and innovation. The event showcased over 1,100 exhibitors, including packaging companies and ingredient suppliers, working together to bring new products and ideas to life. In the retail world, partnerships and collaborations can foster innovation and drive success. Exploring opportunities to collaborate with complementary businesses can lead to exciting product developments and increased competitiveness.

Looking to the Future As we reflect on the insights from SUPERZOO 2023, it's clear that the pet industry's dynamism and innovation hold valuable lessons for retail as a whole. Understanding consumer trends, emphasizing functionality and sustainability, committing to eco-friendly practices, embracing collaboration, and adapting to evolving customer needs are key takeaways that can benefit retailers across various sectors.

The pet industry's growth and evolution serve as a microcosm of broader consumer trends, making SUPERZOO a source of inspiration for all retailers seeking to adapt, thrive, and meet the evolving needs of their customers.

Looking Forward

  1. Retailers should recognize the growing significance of pets in households and consider pet-related marketing and product strategies.
  2. Explore how your products can offer functionality beyond basic features, meeting the demand for multifunctional items.
  3. Commit to sustainable practices in product development, packaging, and supply chains to attract eco-conscious consumers.
  4. Foster collaboration and partnerships within the retail industry to drive innovation and competitiveness.
  5. Continuously adapt to changing customer needs and preferences to stay ahead in the evolving retail landscape.