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Understanding the Growth of Natural Foods: Insights from retailMetrix


 In recent years, there has been a significant surge in consumer demand for natural foods, encompassing various categories like organic, sustainable, and health-focused products. This blog post explores the growth and impact of this trend on retailers, with insights derived from the data analytics platform provided by retailMetrix.

The Rise of Natural Foods

The term "Natural Foods" initially referred to non-processed products or those without certain additives. However, it has evolved to encompass a broader range, including health products, organic foods, and plant-based alternatives. Although there are no uniform standards for natural food products in the United States, its significance as a marketing term cannot be underestimated.

Factors Driving Consumer Demand

The increased popularity of natural foods can be attributed to a variety of cultural, medical, and economic factors. Growing numbers of consumers have dietary allergies, while others prioritize sustainable sourcing. Additionally, there is a general increase in consumer interest in nutrition. These motivations collectively contribute to the rising demand for natural foods, which profoundly impacts retailers of all sizes.

Organic Products and Price Dynamics

Within the natural foods category, organic products have become particularly recognizable and continue to grow in popularity despite their relatively higher prices. For instance, in 2017, 88% of US households had purchased organic food and beverages at least once, and retailers have discovered that displaying organic foods in deli, grocery, and meat departments maximizes uptake.

While organic costs have decreased in recent years, they still remain more expensive compared to conventional alternatives. For instance, organic eggs are 122% pricier than conventional eggs, and similar price increases can be observed for milk, vitamins, and baby food. However, private label organic products are on average 18% cheaper than branded organics, making them an ideal choice for low-income households seeking organic options.

Customer Focus on Nutritional Benefits

The increased popularity of natural foods is closely tied to consumer interest in dietary health. Approximately 36% of US customers actively seek food and beverages that help them meet nutritional goals, while an additional 60% seek additional benefits like antioxidants, vitamins, or minerals. Though this category is susceptible to short-term fads, certain nutritional categories consistently demonstrate growth.

Key Trends and Growth Categories

Several trends have emerged within the natural food market. Fresh food departments continue to experience increased dollar sales annually, and beverages marketed as "probiotic" have seen a 3.6% penetration growth in the past year. Products marketed with fresh ingredients, such as cauliflower, kale, and cranberries, have also demonstrated positive dollar growth. Furthermore, plant-based food products have experienced substantial dollar growth in frozen, plant-based meats, and nutritional categories.

Sustainability as a Growth Driver

Sustainability is a common factor that resonates across all natural food markets. While the term remains imprecise and encompasses various aspects like sustainable farming practices and recycled packaging, market data suggests that it holds value for customers. Sustainable products consistently exhibit measurable sales growth across all categories.

For instance, a recent Nielsen report highlighted that sustainable chocolate, coffee, and bath-based products achieved sales increases of 5%, outperforming overall category sales of 2%. A closer examination of sustainable chocolate revealed that products emphasizing environmental benefits, fair trade ingredients, or the absence of artificial additives achieved similar growth. Fair trade products, despite constituting only 0.1% of the chocolate category, witnessed 5 times more unit sales compared to conventional chocolate.

Natural Foods: A Growing Opportunity

The retail data demonstrates that the demand for natural foods is not just a passing trend but a burgeoning opportunity for retailers. Brands that understand the nuances of natural foods will be well-positioned to capitalize on this growing market. To access more detailed statistics and insights on natural food categories, retailMetrix offers a comprehensive data analytics platform designed specifically for retailers.

Introducing retailMetrix

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retailMetrix is continuously evolving to meet the dynamic needs of retailers. Soon, we will be introducing powerful machine learning capabilities to our platform. From accurately forecasting sales down to the item level to improving merchandising with predictive product analytics, our machine learning features will revolutionize the way you make data-driven decisions.

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As the demand for natural foods continues to grow, retailMetrix equips retailers with the tools they need to thrive in this evolving landscape. Our data analytics platform provides comprehensive insights on natural food categories, allowing you to make informed decisions, optimize.

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